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Medal Event 2019 Dark Elmore

Current server setup - summary of all boost events

Dear players,

from the start of the server there were totally 4 boost events. It can be quite difficult to know what they do combined altogether, so we bring you this short summary of current server setup.

  • vote system with increased reward
  • GM buffer with fullbuff with duration of 1 hour (including songs, dances & prophecies)
  • each newly created character receives a box with time limited C & B equipment
  • It is possible to purchase all C and B items at Vendor for adena, including various consumables (e.g; scrolls, shots, crystals, enchants & mana potions)
  • Skill autolearn
  • Class transfer quests can be done with one click after reaching the required level
  • drop of warrior coins from low level raid bosses (lvl 20-39 => 50 WCs, lvl 40-51 => 75 WCs, lvl 52-60 => 100 WCs, lvl 61-69 => 125 WCs)

Event Medal Collector

During the event, which will start in the morning after restart on 6th of May 2019  until 20th of May 2019, you can collect Medals  and Glittering Medals . Event NPCs will be available for another week too till 27th of May 2019.

How the Event works?

In the event you can reach five Collector's levels, where each level is awarded with additional reward. You can get those levels with the help of Glittering Medals talking to Winnie the Cat. Winnie will play the heads or tails with you... so to get the level might be challenging.

 Beginner -- 
 Rabbit 5 Glittering Medal 
 Hyena 10 Glittering Medal 
 Fox 20 Glittering Medal 
 Wolf 40 Glittering Medal 

Roy the Cat will give you in exchange for your medals some interesting rewards based on your collector's level:

Lvl 4  Lvl 3  Lvl 2 Lvl 1 Lvl 0  Odměny Roy the Cat Louie the Cat
Wolf Fox Hyena Rabbit Beginner  2x Greater Haste Potion 5 3
Wolf Fox Hyena Rabbit Beginner  2x Greater Swift Attack Potion 10 6
Wolf Fox Hyena Rabbit Beginner  2x Greater Magic Haste Potion 10 6
Wolf Fox Hyena Rabbit Beginner  Quick Healing Potion 17 12
Wolf Fox Hyena Rabbit    3x Blessed Scroll of Escape 250 230
Wolf Fox Hyena Rabbit    3x Blessed Scroll of Resurrection 667 635
Wolf Fox Hyena Rabbit    5x Scroll: Enchant Armor D 25 --
Wolf Fox Hyena Rabbit    3x Scroll: Enchant Weapon D 83 69
Wolf Fox Hyena
   5x Scroll: Enchant Armor C 67 --
Wolf Fox Hyena
   3x Scroll: Enchant Weapon C 183 161
Wolf Fox Hyena
   3x Scroll: Enchant Armor B 267 --
Wolf Fox Hyena
   2xScroll: Enchant Weapon B 833 742
Wolf Fox
     Scroll: Enchant Armor A 833 --
Wolf Fox
     Scroll: Enchant Weapon A 3000 2745
Wolf Fox
     Red Party Mask 833 687
Wolf Fox
     Lady's Hair Pin 2000 --
Wolf Fox
     Monocle 2000 --
Wolf Fox
     Cat Ear 2000 --
Wolf Fox
     Pirate's Eye Patch 2000 --
       Sealed Majesty Ring 3 120 --
       Sealed Majesty Earring 4 680 --
       Sealed Majesty Necklace 6 240 --
Wolf          Soul Crystal (All Colors) - Stage 11 5 000 --
Wolf          Soul Crystal (All Colors) - Stage 12 10 000 --
Wolf          Red Soul Crystal: Grade 13 17500 --
Wolf          Green Soul Crystal: Grade 13 17500 --
Wolf          Blue Soul Crystal: Grade 13 17500 --
Wolf          Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade S) 12500 --
Wolf          Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade S) 2500 --
Wolf          Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade S) 4500 --
Wolf          Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade S) 1000 --
Wolf          Secret Book of Giants 385 --

If you're lucky you'll meet Louie the Cat nearby some town or village gate. This pilgrim offers some items with no level requirements on collector's level. But he travels a lot so he is not easy to catch.

Good luck with hunting your medals.

Dear players,

As promised in our previous article, we are going to start the next phase of boost event. On Friday 5th of April 2019 in morning there will be a server restart so that we can apply all prepared changes so that you can enjoy them during the weekend.

New stuff can be found at the Dark Elmore Vendor standing in every city. Changes can be found in About server section.

  • GM buffer including buffs after 3rd class transfer
  • autolearn
  • GM shop with C & B grade for adena
  • various consumable items (including mana potions that recover 500MP, reuse 30s)
  • class transfer manager (including 3rd class transfer for 15M adena & 200 WC)

Your L2 team