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Heart Event 2018 Dark Elmore

Dear players,

A lot has happened since the last article was published. A large part of server population migrated to newly starting servers. This will give an opportunity to smaller clans to change their standing on the server, gain castles etc. Do not worry. Even though online has dropped we are still here for you and we continue in our effort to improve our server and bring you continuous distractions ingame. Last week based on server rules some clan halls were expropriated, so they are freely available through auction. And now we continue with news and changes we have prepared for you.

Heart event

Event will start after regular server restart on 26th of February 2018 and items will drop until next restart on 5th of March 2018. NPCs will be available one week longer. Rules are simple. Monsters will drop 9 parts of a heart which you will need to collect. After assembling all 9 parts you may turn the complete heart in to Orion the Cat, who will be available to you in each town. After turning in of a complete heart you will receive a random reward:

Various amounts of Warrior Coins Various amounts of Warrior Coins
Secret Book of Giants Secret Book of Giants
Looted Goods - Red Filing Cabinet Looted Goods - Red Filing Cabinet
Looted Goods - Purple Filing Cabinet Looted Goods - Purple Filing Cabinet

Vote system

When vote system was introduced it was promised to add 2 more vote servers and therefore increase the amount of WCs obtainable through the vote system. We have decided we will not add anymore vote server, but we will increase the reward so that it corresponds to original calculation. From now on, you will receive 50 WCs for each vote instead of 25 WCs. Each 12 hours you can therefore obtain 100 WCs.

PvP tournament

As it turned out, there was not as much of an interest as we had hoped, therefore the tournament is postponed

until a later date. All arena system is ready, so it possible to utilize it as a common GM minievent.

OG L2 Team