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Account security Dark Elmore

Dear players,

We would like to warn you about maintaining your accounts security. We urge you not to use same passwords as you used on other servers. Today we identified multiple attempts to login to non-existing accounts!

Why would someone try to login to non-existing accounts?

Administrators of other servers you played on own a game database and therefore have at their disposal game accounts and their passwords. Many servers use the original L2hash that was broken ages ago. The owner of the database only needs to run a simple script by which he can try to login to various accounts until he succeeds. Server is protected against brute force, however this is a different situation, because the person doing this doesn’t need to try all the passwords in the world, but only one, which he has from your old account from his database.

As was said previously, the majority of tried accounts doesn’t exist here. However if you have the same account and password the attacker can get into your account and you can lose your items. 

How to protect yourself? It is simple!

  • For each server you play on use different game accounts.
  • If you have same game accounts, under no circumstances use the same passwords!
  • Another way of protection is to use the Character Lock Protection (.lock command ingame)
  • If you are the only person using your account use ingame commands:
    • .bindhwid - locks logging into the game account only from your HWID
    • .unbindhwid - removes the HWID lock from your account
Your L2 Team