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Bonus Start Event First Stage Dark Elmore

Dear players,

on Saturday 27th of October 2018 we celebrated three weeks of server life. On midnight of 31st of October 2018 there will be restart of votes on all vote portals. We would like to kindly ask everyone to vote as much as possible, so that we can attract as much new players as possible to our server. We will activate the first stage of bonus start event from monday’s regular restart, which will help the new players start on our server.

Bonus start event

Starts on monday 29th of October 2018
after regular server restart at 7:00 GMT+1.

All newly created characters will have in their inventory Bonus Start Event Box from which they will obtain Shadow C grade armors & weapons (with abilities of normal C items) with lifetime of 7 days. It will also be possible to purchase new runes of XP & SP in the “Special” section of Dark Elmore Vendor.

New recipes

New enhanced recipes for 25x Metallic Thread & 10x Durable Metal Plate were added into the “Special” section of Dark Elmore Vendor.

System Patch Update

In the Download section you can find new version of system patch. It is not necessary to download the entire patch. It is sufficient to download only the files that were changed ([v8.1 to v8.2 diff]). The archive is located in the same section.

Halloween Event

We are preparing for you also a Halloween event, which will start after regular server restart on 5th of November 2018. You can look forward to the Squash event with various rewards & a special halloween accessory.

Your L2 Team