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Dark Elmore before start-up info Dark Elmore

Dear players,

from the last article issue many things happend on Lineage2.cz. Here is a short summary.

Top information

Dark Elmore Interlude 16x server start is planned on Saturday  September 30th 2017 at 2 p.m GMT+2. 

Basic server rates

  • 16x EXP/SP
  • 16x adena
  • 16x drop
  • 1x WB drop
  • 3x RB drop
  • 10x Seal Stone drop
  • 16x Quest XP/SP/adena
  • 16x spoil

Rates setting is already decided. Further changes are still possible before server start-up. Full information about actual Dark Elmore settings is available here: About server.

Settings discusions

Beta Test

Beta Test will take place in about week before server start-up. Through beta test period there will be a chance for you to test the new settings. Further information beta start-up date included will be available on our forum and facebook page… later.

Nickname reservation

Before server start-up there will be a chance for you to reserve your favourite nicknames.  Nickname activation date will be announced ahead of time enough. Further information will be available on our forum and facebook page.

L2 GM Team

We promissed to strenght our team and so here they are: 

=GM=Diaz, =GM=Sneaky, =GM=K3nn1, =GM=Frey, =GM=Charlie

You can enjoy old team members also: Nesh, Teclis and Sroubek.