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Dark Elmore Info - Registration - Nick Reservation Dark Elmore

Dear players,

here`s the next summary of events of our upcomming Lineage 2 Dark Elmore Interlude server. 

Server Start

... will take place on 30th September 2017 at 2 PM GMT +2


The account registration is available from today. Your accounts will be preserved even after the Beta Test that`s why there is no reason to create new ones. The remaining accounts attached to your profile are in operation as well. 

"Nicks" Reservation 

The game nickname reservation will be available from Monday 18th September starting from 8 PM GMT +2. It will take place in L2 web profile section (free of charge). Further information is available on our forum

Beta Test

The Beta Test will be launched in the week of 18-24.9.2017. The exact date will be specified later on. All accounts registered during the Beta Test will be also available at the live server start. Right after the Beta Test end, all game characters will be deleted. Further details about the Beta Test can be tracked on our forum

WB Random Spawn Adjustments

  • Queen Ant: 24 h + 2 h
  • Core: 40 h + 1 h
  • Orfen: 32 h + 1 h
  • Zaken: 44 h + 2 h
  • Baium: 120 h + 2 h
  • Antharas: 194 h + 2 h
  • Valakas: 264 h
  • Frintezza: 48 h

NPC Buff

PP/SE/EE to 74 level of buffer, buff level as well as its price depends on players level, buff duration is 60 minutes. Setting details are in NPC buff section.

Skill Acquirement

Due to a big number of autolearn implementation requests on facebook and on our forum, we decided to make a compromise: we removed the skill learning books for the levels inferior to 74.

The Beta Test will be provided with new skill acquirement options. 

  • skill level 75+ remain retail.
  • skill level 74 (included) you are going to acquire new skills from NPC, as usual, moreover they won`t claim no books (exept for the Divine Inspiration skill). Use of SP / EXP remain retail.
  • All books will remain in the droplists to safe the drop group chances. All books are setted-up as stackable.

This topick discusion is accessible on our forum.

Server development

After the Beta Test launch we will keep working on bugs from Dark Elmore 2015 and further improvements. We implemented many bug fixes. Join our Beta and check it out :)

We look forward to seing you at Beta Test,

L2 GM Team