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1st week on Dark Elmore, Events and Mini-Events Dark Elmore

Dear Players,

Dark Elmore server has passed its first week. It was a huge success. The online status is still rising, today`s maximum is 2007 players online. There are around 1700 unique hwid on average. Let me say that it was about 10 years ago that we witnessed a similar success at OG`s beginnings. The server is so popular as none of us remember. There are many foreign players amongst us. And according to my information they are more to come.

Regular restart on October 9th 2017 at 7 a.m. GMT+2

All information about server changes for upcomming restarts is posted on our forum in following topic.


  • DE Vendor
    • enable pet purchase
    • new option “Event” (rewards for Warrior Coins)
  • Cursed Weapons were enabled
  • fix Gludio GK noTrade-zone
  • fix attempt to correct the herb problem with returning original buffs

Events and Mini-Events

Very likely just after the next server restart on 16th of October 2017, the first serverwide event “Medal Collector” will be activated. We will confirm the start date of this event, settings and possible rewards in next article that will follow. 

Our GMs have prepared an “Events” section for you on our forum.  In this section you will find all information available about Events and Mini-Events. Please read all information very closely. It is not possible to explain and answer individualy all your questions. Some events will be announced spontaneously in game, others will be announced in advance on forum, facebook or twitter. All rewards for events organized by GMs themselves will be in the form of Warrior Coins . You can exchange those in Dark Elmore Vendor “Event” section. The first GM event will start on 9th of October 2017 late in the evening.

ANTIBOT protection

Unfortunately during the first week it was necessary to ban a few people for using prohibited external programs or BOTs. Our server has active SW protection as well as GMs checking suspicious players. Please do not risk the loss of your gains. Failure to abide to our rules is not tolerated, it is and will be severly punished.

OG L2 Team