Grand Elmore 2020 Project

Grand Elmore 2020 (GE 10x)

Dear players,

It has been over 10 months since the launch of Grand Elmore 2019 and there are growing questions about the 2020 project. After several team meetings, we have come to the decision we want to present to you today.

The Grand Elmore 2019 server will be closed on 17 August 2020 at 7:00 am. Preparations of the new project, which have been underway for some time, will continue after the server closes.

Grand Elmore 2020

The new project will be launched on the Gracia Epilogue chronicle, more detailed information on settings of the rates, etc. we will release gradually over time. The server setup will be inspired by the experience gained from the GE19 project and a number of suggestions from the players themselves.

In addition to adjusting the settings, you can expect new events and a completely new version of server statistics, market and library, which you already know as Vault. We plan to start the project in September, we will publish the exact date later. Before starting the project, an open Beta test will be launched, as in previous projects, and will take approximately two weeks. Team