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3rd week on Dark Elmore, Valakas still undefeated Dark Elmore

Dear players,

we enter the 4th week on server. Next Saturday we`ll celebrate our first month anniversary and we`ll do the second round of Castle Sieges. More castles will be taken or will the enemy take them from their current owners? Let`s see on Saturday October 28 at 8 p.m. and on Sunday October 29th at 4 p.m. GMT+2.

The first server event Medal Collector will stop dropping Medals on Monday October 23rd after the scheduled restart. The medals are exchangeable for rewards by the "Cats" till the next scheduled restart. We only hope that you liked the first server event for more will come. 

Yesterday you could go in for mini-eventHunting season”, you could run around in a designated locations and hunt down our GM desquised as two-headed kookaburas. Every successful killing was for 15 Warrior Coinů

Second part of a broadcast directly from Dark Elmore by LordPhyrex came out. Throuhg some leaks of confidential information we know that number three and more are about to go.

New mini-event: Rabbit Thieves

Rabbits - as everyone knows - are cunning creatures. Do never trust them. Time to time, such a white monsters suddenly appear and steal something from our GMs. When that happends our GMs will need your help: You have to find the Rabbit and take the stolen item from it. Who returns the item to our GM, wins. He`ll be provided with a hint: Two places within those the item had desappeared and so where the tricky thief could occur. In short, the winner is the one who finds the right Rabbit (they can be more than one), who kills it and who brings the dropped item to our GM. Do not forget to inform GM by PM. 

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OG L2 Team