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Mini-Event Russian Roulette and Diaz Says Dark Elmore

Dear players,

this article is about new long promised Mini-Events. 

Russian Roulette

This event will take place on pretermined easily accessible spot (for ex. MDT) with sufficient time in advance. All participants after reaching the destination will wait for GM`s instructions. 

  1. There will be 6 numbers from (1 to 6) spreaded in the arena. The player will chose one number and sit next to it.
  2. GM will throw a dice. The number on the dice kills the nearby sitting players.
  3. GM will throw dice till the last remaining player alive.
  4. The winner is the last player remaining alive.

During the event all PvP or item picking or any other event disturbance is strictly prohibited. In case of violation of this rule, the player will be teleported to the Jail, without previous warning!

"Diaz Says"

This event is a sort of unorthodox. Only 10 players can participate.

  1. You can sign in it on GM`s call by PM message with word "EVENT" or some other word chosen by GM.
  2. Then GM will start to give his commands (sit, hello, dance, etc.). The command will be introduced by "Diaz says" (for ex. "Diaz says sit").
  3. The player last executing the command or not executing it at all is out of event.
  4. It may happen that there will appear the command without "Diaz says". Execute this command and you are out of event too.
  5. Last remaining player in this game wins.

Have fun guys,

OG L2 Team