Dear players,

The test version of vote system was launched today. In the next days you can perform your voting through the Vote section. If you meet all conditions of the voting portals you will be rewarded with Warrior Coins (WCs) in your web profile. Because of ongoing testing it is currently not possible to send WCs ingame. If the tests go without problems, the option to send WCs ingame will be activated next week. If we find any serious bugs or exploits, gained WCs will be reset. 

You can find more information about how vote system works in previous article.

We ask "Voters" to report any problems or inconsistencies into bug sekction on our forum.

We thank everyone for already sent votes!

Video manual from uNiquii

OG L2 Team

Dear players,

We bring you great news about Vote system we are preparing for the Dark Elmore server.

What‘s our motivation for this step?

  • Expand the possibilities of our server. We are expecting a significant increase in the player base in one month timeframe.
  • Preserve the current player base and give them a reason to play on the server for a much longer period of time.
  • Creation of a long term working server economy.
  • Make Dark Elmore known worldwide!