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First week of Grand Elmore Grand Elmore

Dear Lineage2.cz players and fans,

our server Grand Elmore has completed its first week of life and, as always, we bring you information about what has happened and what awaits you in the next week.

First week at Grand Elmore

We have had a good ride right from the start of the server, when the competition prepared for us a DDoS attack, with which we gradually dealt. Many thanks to the whole community for their support to an extent that we honestly did not expect. Thank you to all!

Thanks to the long Beta Test and long careful server preparation, everything is going according to plan. We have not encountered any major problems so far. Over the course of the first week, we have received and resolved over 1,100 tickets, which is a respectable number.

International community

1800-1900 HWIDs rotate on the server per day (unique accesses.) The server advertises itself by its success and your satisfaction, but we still need to let the world know about us more.

This is a list of countries from which players regularly visit us: Czech, Slovakia, Russia, France, Poland, Greece, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, USA, Lithuania, Germany, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Morocco, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Columbia.

Advertising of Lineage2.cz

New players come to us and ask what the server looks like. They find us not only because of paid ads, but also because of your streaming activity or posting in community forums or facebook. Every mention of our server and your experience with it is very valuable and it is the best reference. Feel free to write a review on vote portals or other Lineage 2 sites.

Any help with marketing is welcome and Lineage2.cz will gladly reward you in case of significant success. Contact us on our Facebook or Discord.

Vote and Warrior Coin flushing (transfer ingame)

By regularly voting for our server, you help make it more visible to other potential players. The server will reward you in the form of Warrior Coins (WCs) for each vote portal and also Vote Rune, which gives you small ingame bonuses.

Today, 21st of September 2019 with the release of this article we enable transferring of WCs into the game, where you can exchange them with other players or pay with them for some services and items at Lineage2.cz Vendor.

Vote regularly every 12 hours on all four vote portals and get up to 100 WCs plus Vote Rune!

First season of Olympiad at Grand Elmore

From Monday, 23rd of September 2019 the first battles in the first season of the Olympiad will begin. The first Olympiad season ends on Sunday, 6th of October 2019. You will see the first heroes speak in hero chat on Monday 7th of October 2019.

Your Lineage2.cz Team