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item_9557 Holy Crystal
Type Attribute
Slot None
Weight 120
Crystal count 0
Holy elemental attack attribute increases by 5 when bestowed on a weapon. Dark elemental defense attribute increases by 6 when bestowed on an armor. Attribute Crystals can be used up to attribute level 6. Additionally, a maximum of three types of elemental defense attribute can be bestowed, and one type of elemental attack attribute. Opposite attributes cannot be bestowed together.


NPC Level Chance Mpl Amount Action
Treasure Chest 84 2,23% 1x 1
Treasure Chest 81 2,07% 1x 1
Treasure Chest 78 1,91% 1x 1
Seeker Solina 83 0,02% 1x 1
Guide Solina 83 0,02% 1x 1


NPC Level Chance Mpl Amount Action
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