Grand Elmore 10x - General Information

Dear Players, we welcome you on our web dedicated to lineage 2 server Grand Elmore!

For playing on Grand Elmore you need to:

  1. Download and install Lineage2 - Gracia Epilogue client.
  2. Download and apply our system patch.
  3. Register on our web and create a game account.
  4. After starting the client, enter the game account and your password and you will be prompted to select an access point (proxy).
    • All choices will connect you to Grand Elmore 2020.
    • In addition to the country code (DE, PL, etc.), each access point also has its own ping. Choose the lowest value, if the response is not good, test other options from the list.
    • Possible access points:
      • Grand Elmore - direct access to the main server (Netherlands - Amsterdam)
      • Grand Elmore DE - access point Germany - Frankfurt
      • Grand Elmore PL - access point Poland - Warsaw
      • Grand Elmore RU1 - access point Russia - Moscow
      • Grand Elmore RU2 - access point Russia - Novosibirsk
      • Grand Elmore US - access point USA - Chicago
      • Grand Elmore RO - access point Romania - Bucharest
      • Grand Elmore BR - access point Brazil - Sao Paulo
      • Grand Elmore UNI1 - access point Germany - Limburg (old DE proxy)
      • Grand Elmore UNI2 - access point France - Paris

Please carefully read the Server Rules. We also recommend you to carefully read our article about Account Security. Prevention is the best way to protect your characters, your time and health.

We wish you a lot of fun and good times spent on our server Grand Elmore.

Your L2 team.