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Project 2019 Dark Elmore

Dear players,

After longer period of silence we bring you new information about our future plans.

Project 2019

This year’s new project will be chronicle Gracia Epilogue. We are already actively working on it. Information regarding the server setup and custom changes will be released continuously. The temporary name will be “Project 2019”, but it is clear, that we will need a new name for this server. If you have any suggestions, we will gladly consider them. 

Beta test - as with other projects, also this project will have an open beta test. Information about the date of beta start will be announced later.

Start of Project 2019 - As is our tradition, the server will start somewhere in september-october. We will announce the official date and time of start in time.

Dark Elmore 18

Server will run as long as there is interest in it. Our goal is to keep the server alive as long as possible. This is why we are preparing a host of changes for our loyal players that are still playing on the server. We also want to motivate players that took a break, to return back to the server. In preparation is Boost event phase 4 which will significantly change the playing style on the server for occasional and casual players.

L2 Team

Heart event 2019 Dark Elmore

Event will start after regular server restart on 11th of February 2019 and items will drop until 25th of February 2019. NPCs will be available one week longer. Rules are simple. Monsters will drop 9 parts of a heart which you will need to collect. After assembling all 9 parts you may turn the complete heart in to Orion the Cat, who will be available to you in each town. After turning in of a complete heart you will receive a random reward:

Various amounts of Warrior Coins Various amounts of Warrior Coins
Secret Book of Giants Secret Book of Giants
Looted Goods - Red Filing Cabinet Looted Goods - Red Filing Cabinet
Looted Goods - Purple Filing Cabinet Looted Goods - Purple Filing Cabinet

L2 Team