The first week of Grand Elmore 2020

Grand Elmore 2020 (GE 10x)

Dear players and fans of,

on Friday, the 11th of September 2020, we launched our second Gracia Epilogue project: Grand Elmore 2020 and we are getting past its first week of life. For those that remember our beginnings from year 2006, this project is already the 13th.

The start of the server was uniquely successful, despite the fact that we have been under constant fire from DDoS attackers since the start, who certainly will not give up so easily. We are still running without interruption and we are doing everything we can to continue to do so! We thank all our faithful fans and also newcomers for their support. Thanks to you, it was possible to create a project where everyone is having a good time now. A few photos from the first minutes of the server's life.

The current server maximum is 1887 players online, and since the start of the server, 2895 HWIDs (unique accesses) have passed through the server. Around 2000 HWIDs pass through the server every day and over 10,000 game characters were created during the first week of running!!! This number is still rising and there is a lot of talk about the server also on social networks and forums. A significantly larger international community has arrived this year. This fact managed to fulfill our long-standing commitment of creating a truly international server.

Stream affiliate program

To this date, we have registered 23 streamers in the stream section. The rewards will be paid tomorrow (September 19, 2020) in the evening.  More about the affiliate program.

Thank you for your support in promoting the server!

Clan Hall sieges + Auctions of Clan Halls

Today, 18th of September 2020 at 20:00 GMT + 2, the 1st sieges for contestable Clan halls will take place. The auctions of regular Clan halls end on Tuesday, 22nd of September 2020 at 22:00 GMT+2.

Vote and Transfer of Warrior coins ingame

By regularly voting for our server, you help to make it more visible to other potential players. The server will reward you in the form of Warrior Coins (WC) for each vote portal and you also get the Vote Rune, which gives you small ingame bonuses.

Today on midnight, the transferring of Warrior Coins ingame will be enabled (Flush WC service), where you can exchange them with other players or exchange them for various items at Vendor.

Vote regularly every 12 hours on all four vote portals and get up to 100 Warrior Coins and a Vote rune!

The first season of the Grand Elmore Olympiad

From Monday, 21st of September 2020, the first fights in the first season of the Olympiad will begin. Season will end on Sunday, 4th of October 2020 midnight. The first heroes will be heard in hero chat on Monday,5th of October 2020.

Nick reservation - reset

On Sunday,20th of September 2020, at 14:00 GMT + 2, the reservation of game nicknames will expire. If you didn't manage to create all your characters, fix it quickly. After this deadline, all unused nicknames will be freely available to anybody.

Your Team

Server Grand Opening and Pre-Start

Grand Elmore 2020 (GE 10x)

Dear players,

the long wait, preparation and testing of the server is almost over. We thank everyone who actively participated in the testing and also everyone who helped to make the server more visible wherever possible. Last year's project was great and we would like to push it even further this year! Before us is the Grand Opening of server Grand Elmore 2020 and it is necessary to be prepared for it. Please read all of the following information carefully.

Grand Elmore 2020 Grand Opening

  • It was already set for Friday, 11th of September 2020 at 19:00 GMT + 2.
  • Game accounts created during the Beta Test will also be available on the Live server (game characters will need to be re-created – they will be wiped).

Grand Elmore 2020 Special VIP

Grand Elmore 2020 (GE 10x)

Dear players,

you will have the possibility to support Grand Elmore 2020 before start. Everyone who puts their trust into the the server before 10th of September 2020 23:59 GMT+2 will be given Special VIP status.

Special VIP advantages

  • The whole amount that you send will stay on your web profile in form of EC. After server start you can use them as you see fit
  • The name of one ingame character will have golden color
  • Forum and discord account will also have golden color
  • You will gain access to special VIP areas on Forum & Discord
  • Your requests in tickets will have priority treatment 

New website and vault

Grand Elmore 2020 (GE 10x)

Dear players,

Welcome to the environment of our new website, which has been completely rewritten and replaced the original version from 2013. We are still working on the website and its functions. All its primary functions will be completed before the start of the Grand Elmore.

What's new?

  • Vault
    • The original application could no longer be maintained, many things did not work, so it was decided on a complete remake.
    • The new Vault is part of the website, which will allow us to use the connection of game accounts connected to the web profile.
    • As part of the beta, the Marketplace and Library sections will be available. We are working hard on other sections.
  • Web
    • The content of the website has been redistributed for the sake of clarity.
    • Navigating the web before and after logging in should be now more intuitive, the user should no longer be confused about the difference between a web profile and the actual management of game accounts.
    • We are planning the possibility of transferring game accounts between individual web profiles.
    • It will be possible to manage the web profile by clicking in the upper right corner. Information about the status of the EC and WC on an account and other related details will be transferred there.
    • We have removed a number of errors and inconsistencies from the original presentation.
  • Logo
    • We also have a new logo for you, it is made in several variants. The logo will be available for download for all those who create image or video content.

Original web profiles

  • Since 2013, when the original website was launched, we have registered over 75,000 web profiles, many of which are no longer active. We have transferred to the new website:
    • All web profiles with payment history.
    • All web profiles whose users last logged in 1.1.2017 and later.

The website was launched before completion, mainly to present the server settings so that the advertising campaign could be fully launched.

We believe that you will like the new environment more. team