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Rates and General Information

Server Grand Opening on Friday the 13th of October 2023 at 19:00 UTC+2.


Server time changes on servers due to Daylight Saving Time:

  • 26th of March 2023 - 2:00 AM - shift of server time to UTC+2 (summer time)
  • 29th of October 2023 - 3:00 AM - shift of server time to UTC+1 (winter time)
  • 31st of March 2024 - 2:00 AM - shift of server time to UTC+2 (summer time)
  • 27th of October 2024 - 3:00 AM - shift of server time to UTC+1 (winter time)

Regular scheduled restart every Monday at 07:00 AM

General features

  • L2off PTS assembly
  • Active Anticheat antibot protection
  • Macro reuse glitch does not work (shortening the reuse of skills by putting them in a macro)
  • Soulshots / spiritshots do not lag (after consecutive use of skills without a break)
  • Multibox - YES, unlimited
  • Character Lock system - protection against thefts during account sharing 
  • Autopickup - Yes, for VIP characters & characters with VOTE Rune buff
    • commands (VIP only):
      • .autopickupon
      • .autopickupoff
    • drop will disappear from the ground after 30 minutes
    • exceptions from autopickup: Ancient Tome of Demon, Fiery Demon Blood, Darion Badge, Arrows
  • VIP character:
    • 1 day - 89 EC (Elmore Coins)
    • 7 days - 299 EC (Elmore Coins)
    • 30 days - 999 EC (Elmore Coins)
    • Benefits
      • XP/SP boost +30%
      • Autopickup
      • From 16th of October 2023,  PC cafe points will be earned at a certain rate that can be exchanged for B/C weapons. On 23rd of October 2023 top A grade weapons will be added as well.
      • Each VIP character will be able to define 3 buff schemes for each subclass and subsequently use them to buff themselves at the Vendor.
  • Skill autolearn - Yes, up to level 74
    • exceptions from skill autolearn: skills obtained from forgotten scrolls, Acrobatic Move, Fast HP recovery, Dryad Root, Resurrection, Mass resurrection, Esprit, Divine Inspiration, Frenzy, Zealot, Cure Poison, Soul Shield, Cure Bleeding, Poison Recovery, Summon Friend, Dance of Fury, Recharge, Remedy, Spite
  • 7 Signs - from 16th of October 2023
  • Castle Siege (first sieges on 29th of October 2023)
    • Time is 16:00 & 20:00
    • Minimum clan level that can register for castle siege is level 6 clan
    • The fame amount obtained from CS, TW, fortress and medal of honor is x2.
  • Territory wars
    • First territory war will happen right after 1st castle sieges that start on the 29th of October 2023 at 20:00 - the actual TW will start at 22:00)
    • Each territory war the wards’ ownership will be reset. (the reset will happen at the start of TW)
    • Wards cannot be taken out of battle zone
    • Wards cannot be taken into water
    • The amount of badges obtained from territory wars is rated 2x
  • Clan Halls
    • the first contestable clan halls' sieges will be on 20th of October 2023 at 20:00
    • the first clan halls' auctions will end on 24th of October 2023 at 22:00   
    Cursed weapons - from 23rd of October 2023
  • Auctions - from 6th of November 2023
    • minimum price for items in Auction set to 500M adena
  • Offline shop - YES, free for all
    • set up shop and write .offline
    • a special item will be available in donate shop that will allow you to automatically recover an offline shop after server restart or crash
  • Starting equipment is Top No grade - wooden/devotion set + top no grade weapon
  • Newbie Buff up to level 85 (also for pets)
  • Progressive GM buffer
    • available buffs will be based on character level. Level ranges that will provide different buffs: 20-39, 40-51, 52-60, 61-73, 74-85
    • Buff duration is 1 hour
    • Available buffs will be from classes PP, SE, EE, SWS, BD (if any classes have different buffs with same effect only buff from one class will be available to avoid duplicities)
    • Buffs available are capped at level 74 including (no buffs obtained after 3rd class transfer are available).
    • No buffs providing elemental resistances are available
    • These buffs are automatically canceled if character enters any PvP zone (near epic bosses, CS, TW, fortress, contestable clan halls) or if character enters instanced zones. Exceptions: Nornil's Garden instances, Pailaka instances, Keucereus alliance secret instances, Freya questline non-combat instances.
    • Buffs are available to both pets and summons
    • Buffs are free of charge
  • Clan hall prices and maintenance fees x8
  • Castle rewards for manor crops x2
  • 1st class transfer - either donate, manually or possibility to buy for 500k adena at Vendor
  • 2nd class transfer - either donate, manually or possibility to do shortened Quest for 3M adena
  • 3rd class transfer 
    • At server start, quest needs to be done manually, but various quest items can be purchased via donate
    • from 23rd of October 2023 it will be possible to buy the 3rd class transfer at Vendor
  • system - zoom hack, drop/spoil/aggro/level hack/antiscam
  • 10-25x recipes - special recipes that are able to craft 10-25 times more material on one time
  • Blood Oath/Alliance is tradeable
  • Fantasy Island Coin is tradeable
  • Hellbound - is level 11 from server start
    • Relog within 5 minutes in and near town in front of citadel will no longer teleport you out of Hellbound
  • Amount of Energy Compression Stones obtained from energy seeds increased x2
  • Amount of Star Stones obtained by Aerial Hunting increased x2
  • Reduced extreme quantities of arrows from various monsters
  • When inside the dimensional rift, you will no longer be teleported out of the session when someone leaves the party
  • Added the possibility to teleport from Gracia to Rune (for 500k adena)
  • Added the possibility to teleport from Giran to Hunters Village and vice versa (for 10k adena)
  • Cubic duration time increased from 15 minutes to 20 minutes
  • If mobs from LoA circle are pulled too far from the circle, they will automatically teleport back
  • Increase range of Chimeras on Hellbound after which they return to spawn to x2 (from 2000 to 4000)
  • Increase range of Bloody Kariks, Bloody Berserkers and Bloody Karinness after which they return to spawn to +600 (from 1500 to 2100)
  • Increased maximum distance from spawn in which Knoriks can be attacked without being teleported back to spawn to 6000 (was 3000) 
  • Stabilized spawn of Lesser Evils in Anomic Foundry - now spawn is in 1 minute intervals
  • Increased chance to obtain Tully's Medals to x2
  • Added the option to manipulate Private Warehouse to every Clanhall manager and Fortress manager
  • Added the option to get 10x random talismans in castle and fortress
  • Global shout is active on the server with a delay of 120 seconds between posts
  • The duration of summons of dark avenger, craft as well as low level summons of summoner classes is increased to 60 minutes.
  • The duration of Merchant golem is increased from 3 minutes to 9 minutes
  • Soul ore weight is 0
  • Anakim transform magic damage skills are adjusted:  When used, the character receives a debuff for 3 seconds, that decreases the PvP damage of magic skills by 33%
  • Game Server Library
  • Game Server Statistics
  • Game Server Marketplace
  • Giran trade zones

Server commands

  • .help - shows a list of ingame commands
  • .online - shows the amount of online players
  • .time - shows the current server time
  • .expoff - turns EXP gaining off
  • .expon - turns EXP gaining on after using previous command
  • .offline - start offline shop
  • .setlockpw - sets your password for lock system. Can contain 4-8 alphanumeric characters
  • .lock - activates the lock system on your character
  • .unlock PASSWORD - disables the lock system on your character
  • .petexp on|off - blocks XP gain for pets
  • .mergetalisman - existing talismans of the same type in a character's inventory will be merged into 1 with remaining mana = sum of remaining mana of individual talismans. The command does not affect equipped talismans.

Character Lock

We all know that character sharing became part of the game a long time ago. Unfortunately this is true also for thefts. While we do not approve character sharing, we want our players to be able to enjoy the game without the fear of being robbed. Therefore also on this server there will be Character Lock feature.


  • .setlockpw - sets your password for lock system. Can contain 4-8 alphanumeric characters
  • .lock - activates the lock system on your character
  • .unlock PASSWORD - disables the lock system on your character

When Lock is activated, the following actions will be disabled:

  • Block Canceling of Sub-Class
  • Block change of clan leader
  • Block withdraw from CWH
  • Block storing items in clan warehouse.
  • Block attacking of white chars / summons (excluding SiegeZone, BattleZone, War)
  • Block attacking with a summon of white chars (excluding SiegeZone, BattleZone, War)
  • Block discard of an item from the inventory.
  • Block sell items to the shop
  • Block Buy item from characters sitting in PrivateSellStore
  • Block sell items to those who sit private buy (BuyStore)
  • Block selling of items via private sell (PrivateSellStore)
  • Block drop an item from the inventory on the ground
  • Block Enchant of skills
  • Block Enchant of objects
  • Block deletion of recipes from craft
  • Block leaving the clan
  • Block dismiss members from the clan
  • Block canceling of quests
  • Block Adding/removing of Dyes
  • Block Crystallization of Items
  • Block removal of augmentation from a weapon/jewels
  • Block Disband Clan
  • Block Enchant skill
  • Block transfer of items to the trade
  • Block Inviting to Clan
  • Block Olympiad registration
  • Block usage of multisell
  • Block Mail

When lock is activated, the following actions are NOT disabled:

  • Attacking a character/summon/pet of a two sided war
  • Attacking a flagged character/summon/pet
  • Attacking characters/players, summons in battle zones (PVP zones, Castle/Fortress/CH sieges, Territory war)
  • Trading of items to the locked character

If we forgot anything or you find a problem during testing, please let us know by using support.