Discord how to connect

What is Discord?

Voice and text communicator for players that is free, secure and works on both PCs and mobile phones. 

What do we use it for?

It is our main communication and information channel with the option to communicate with other players and server administration.

How do I download it?

You need to create an account on discord.com/register and there you can directly download the application to your PC or you can log in using the web interface. It can also be downloaded in the itunes/google play stores into your phone.

How do I connect to lineage2.cz discord server?

With the help of the link: lineage2.cz/discord.

Why is it important to verify your discord account?

After connecting to our discord server you will see limitted content for antispam and security reasons. To see the entire content you need to verify yourself.

How to pass the account verification?

  1. enter the #verify channel and press "verify"
  2. confirm that you are human by clicking the button “click here
  3. log in, give permission to captcha bot and press "verify".

After you are finished all channels and discussions will be visible for you.

Verified role (blue nick)

Blue nick will enable you to send links. In order to obtain it you must pass additional verification.:

  1. enter into your web profile your discord username
  2. create a ticket on discord in the #ticket-support  section where you will put the email to which your web profile is registered + application for verified role.

Special VIP (golden nick)

It is already a tradition that a person can obtain the Special VIP status. This status can be obtained only before the start of the server. Rules for obtaining special VIP are always published in an article 2-4 weeks before server start.