Infinite Elmore 2023 launch & Beta test

Infinite Elmore 2023 (HF)

Dear players, 

we bring you news about Infinite Elmore 2023 preparations.


Will be on Friday, 8th of September 2023 at 19:00 UTC+2.

LIVE server start 

Will be on Friday, 13th of October 2023 at 19:00 UTC+2.

Registration + reservation of character nicknames

Registration of Game accounts as well as character nickname reservations will be available from 8th of September 2023, 19:00 UTC+2. Game accounts created will be preserved even after BETA test end. 

Character nickname reservation - how to?

After registration of Game account in the environment of L2 web it will be possible to reserve your characters’ nicknames with a special service in the "Services" section of our web. The character nickname will be bound to your L2 web profile and will be paired with your game account. Character with nickname reserved in this way may be created only on a Game account to which it is paired.

All nickname reservations will have a limited time of validity which will expire on 22th of October 2023 at 14:00 UTC+2.

We are warning you that intentional blocking of nicknames will be canceled.

How will the BETA TEST look like?

All game accounts created during BETA test will be preserved and available during live server launch. All characters will be deleted after BETA test end.

Modifications available only for BETA test:

  • SoE to Giran for each newly created character.
  • Beta NPC - will be present in Giran next to Vendor right next to the gatekeeper. It will enable you to test any phase of the game by adding XP/SP/ adena, EC, nobless, various items, class transfer, etc.
  • Vendor - During BETA test all sections of vendor will be available.
  • Skill autolearn - All skills will be learned automatically (with the exception of skills obtained from forgotten scrolls and a few other exceptions)
  • 7s - 2 hour cycle
  • Olympiad
    • 24 hour cycle. Points awarded at 5:00 10:00 15:00 & 20:00
    • Enchant limit +6 - All items with a higher enchant will have its stats reduced to +6 during the olympiad match
  • .delevel - command to decrease the character's level
  • Instanced zones that require a command channel (CC) to be created for entry will have the minimum amount of players required for entry reduced to 4 characters (in CC)

Please keep in mind, that this is a BETA test and unexpected and unannounced restarts may occur based on needs of GMs and testers.

We ask all BETA test participants to really focus on testing and not to bother GMs with unnecessary requests and questions. If there is a need to test something with the assistance of GM, please contact us in advance on Discord, so that we can prepare for it and agree with you on a specific date and time for that particular test.

Anti-BOT protection:

Anti-bot protection will be active from BETA test start. If you try to test it and get banned, the ban will be lifted only after BETA test end. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

We are looking forward to seeing you on BETA start.

Your L2 team