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1st Server Event Medal Collector Dark Elmore

Dear players,

time flows like water in life and on server as well, so the first weeks are already behind us. Tonight with the strike of midnight the first Olympiad period will be over. Tomorrow 16th of October 2017 after noon the first heroes will be running across the world.

This weekend the first castles were taken, and so the Castle Siege brought new lords of the castles of Giran, Goddard and Rune. Congratulations! We hope that you will take care of your subjects and you'll turn on the manor in full! All WBs were slain except for Valakas. Let's see when we will hear his final roarf. You can track all server statistics and results on de.lineage2.cz.

We are pleased that the popularity of the Mini-Events which started last week is high... so we will continue to organise those on a regular basis. All information are available in forum section Events

The regural restart on 16th October 2017 at 7 p.m. GMT+2 will bring some improvements. Please check it on our forum in changelog topick.

Now to the main point of this article: The First Server Event.

Event Medal Collector

During the event, which will start in the morning after restart on 16th of October 2017 and continue till the next one on 23rd of October 2017, you can collect Medals  and Glittering Medals . Event NPCs will be available for another week too till 30th of October 2017.

How the Event works?

In the event you can reach five Collector's levels, where each level is awarded with additional reward. You can get those levels with the help of Glittering Medals talking to Winnie the Cat. Winnie will play the heads or tails with you... so to get the level might be challenging.

 Beginner -- 
 Rabbit 5 Glittering Medal 
 Hyena 10 Glittering Medal 
 Fox 20 Glittering Medal 
 Wolf 40 Glittering Medal 

Roy the Cat will give you in exchange for your medals some interesting rewards based on your collector's level:

Lvl 4  Lvl 3  Lvl 2 Lvl 1 Lvl 0  Rewards Roy the Cat Louie the Cat
Wolf Fox Hyena Rabbit Beginner  Greater Haste Potion 5 3
Wolf Fox Hyena Rabbit Beginner  Greater Swift Attack Potion 10 6
Wolf Fox Hyena Rabbit Beginner  Greater Magic Haste Potion 10 6
Wolf Fox Hyena Rabbit Beginner  Quick Healing Potion 17 12
Wolf Fox Hyena Rabbit    Blessed Scroll of Escape 250 230
Wolf Fox Hyena Rabbit    Blessed Scroll of Resurrection 667 635
Wolf Fox Hyena Rabbit    Scroll: Enchant Armor D 25 --
Wolf Fox Hyena Rabbit    Scroll: Enchant Weapon D 83 69
Wolf Fox Hyena
   Scroll: Enchant Armor C 67 --
Wolf Fox Hyena
   Scroll: Enchant Weapon C 183 161
Wolf Fox Hyena
   Scroll: Enchant Armor B 267 --
Wolf Fox Hyena
   Scroll: Enchant Weapon B 833 742
Wolf Fox
     Scroll: Enchant Armor A 833 --
Wolf Fox
     Scroll: Enchant Weapon A 3000 2745
Wolf Fox
     Red Party Mask 833 687
       Sealed Majesty Ring 3 120 --
       Sealed Majesty Earring 4 680 --
       Sealed Majesty Necklace 6 240 --
Wolf          Soul Crystal (All Colors) - Stage 11 5 000 --
Wolf          Soul Crystal (All Colors) - Stage 12 10 000 --

If you're lucky you'll meet Louie the Cat nearby some town or village gate. This pilgrim offers some items with no level requirements on collector's level. But he travels a lot so he is not easy to catch.

Good luck with hunting your medals.

OG L2 Team