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1st month on Dark Elmore + Newbie Boost Event Dark Elmore

Dear players,

on Saturday 28th of October 2017 we celebrated the first month on Dark Elmore Lineage 2 server. We are very pleased with this project. Together, we have succeded to create a project which has no parallel on Czech/Slovak L2 game scene. Our server is full of life: two strong sides stand here face to face agaings each other - like on Light Elmore years ago - with no mercy. A number of new clans are growing up and collecting their experience and equipment to combat. Also the second round of Castle Sieges is over and from yesterday the 3rd period of Olympiad is open. The last WB Valakas still remains undefeated. This server is a unique project indeed.

As a GM team we work on 110% and we intend to do so in the months to come as well. We help our players in-game and we prepare new mini-events. We have already organised the first whole server event "Medal Collector" and we work on another one already.

We keep promoting our server with support of many people. We are just about to run a new ad. campaign to atract some new players - not only from our home country. To motivate them a special event will be launched.

Newbie Boost Event - Bonus Start Event

For all new players we have prepared a special event that will make new starts on server much easier. Server is up and running for one month, so it is the ideal time for it.

How will event work?

After event start, all newly created characters will be given special Runes, which will increase their XP/SP rate by 50% for 7 days. Furthermore they will receive a special equipment pack, that will contain shadow weapons until low B grade with SA and shadow armors until B grade, all with duration of 7 days. To celebrate one month of server life also the Vendor Buff will be completely free for everyone.

What will you need for this event?

Each player will have to download new system patch that will be made available before event launch.

When will the event happen?

  • From today until the next server restart an add campain will be launched for this event.
  • Event will start on 6.11.2017 - 7:00 GMT+1.
  • New characters will receive benefits until 13.11.2017 - 7:00 GMT+1.
  • Definitive end of event will be on 20.11.2017 - 7:00 GMT+1, when also all unused items will be wiped from the server. 

Videos from players