• The main communication and information channel with the possibility of communication with other players.
  • How to connect?

Problem solving

  • After connecting to our discord, create a ticket in the Ticket-Support section, in which you should include as much detailed information as possible regarding your problem.
  • Afterwards, please wait until someone from the team takes care of your ticket.


  • Part of our discord is the Forum, which is available after verification of user.

Bug reporting

  • Any bugs you discover on the server can be reported via the Forum in the bug-report-troubleshooting section. Before reporting a bug, please check the section to see if someone has already reported this problem before you.
  • Exploit - serious and potentially exploitable errors should be reported by submitting a ticket in the Ticket-Support section.


  • If you prefer old-school communication, you can send your question to Solving problems using this form of communication takes significantly longer than using our Ticket-Support.

Choose only one of the listed channels at a time and wait for a response from someone from the team. We always try to respond in the shortest possible time.