Infinite Elmore 2022

Infinite Elmore 2022 (HF)

We plan to launch a High Five server, which will be based on the settings of the previous project, especially in terms of custom adjustments. The changes we are planning will be based on the feedback of the community of the previous project. The main goal is to make playing more enjoyable, especially for casual players. We will also be more open to changes to which we have resisted in the past.

Your suggestions may be directed directly to our discord in the Infinite Elmore 2022 section, where we will monitor everything carefully. We will move the topics that interest us for further discussion, or let players vote on them in polls.

Essential things we already know will change:

  • rates
    • the general rates will be increased
    • the nevit system will be modified due to increased rates
    • the quest rates will increase
  • drops
    • there will be an increase in the chances / number of drops for mobs and RBs + instanced WBs
  • WBs
    • respawn will not be static but standard with a reduced random window (due to players from other time zones)
    • We will adjust the WBs that were not to beat on IE21 (we will announce specific changes later)
  • buffs
    • progressive buffer, buffs will change depending on lvl of character (it will not be a complete full full buff, details later)
    • these buffs cannot be used in instances and custom PvP zones
  • autopickup for everyone
    • on previous projects, the autopickup was for VIPs only
    • every player with the buff from the VOTE rune will now have the autopickup enabled
  • autolearn
    • autolearn skills up to lvl 74 (there will be exceptions like ress, mass ress, etc.)
  • mamons
    • mammon positions will be visible in VAULT
  • and other changes that we will introduce later

We will gradually publish the detailed settings. The Beta Test will start in the second half of August. Infinite Elmore 2022 will start during September, the exact date will be specified later.

Closure of Infinite Elmore 2021

  • The server will be closed on August 15, 2022 - after the regular restart, the server will no longer start.
  • After closure, preparations for starting the Beta test will begin.