Streamer affiliate program

We have prepared a program that will reward you for streaming our server and it will work during Beta Test too. Reward 2000 EC is prepared for each day, which will be divided between involved streamers according to how many of them will be streaming that day and according to the length (minimum is a one hour) of the stream. Rewards will be paid in weekly intervals.


  • your stream will be highlighted on the stream page on our site and you will get a huge amount of viewers (which are persons browsing our web but twitch get them as real viewers).
  • the bot on our discord will make an announcement when you turn on your stream
  • rewards for streaming in the form of EC


  • The link to our website is stated in the stream name
  • Stream must contain the server name “Infinite Elmore 10x h5”
  • You need to have an active command !server with a link to our website
  • Have our logo under the stream that will redirect to our web
  • The character streaming has to be actively playing the game
  • The Video on Demand (archive) needs to be available for all streams you make until the reward is given

To get your stream registered, please contact =GM=Diaz on our discord.