Rules for server Infinite Elmore


  1. By playing on our server the player agrees with all of the here mentioned rules. The player also agrees he will comply with them.
  2. Even an attempted breach of the rules is considered like a breach of the rules!
  3. An interpretation of the rules is only in the authority of Admin and GMs.
  4. GMs and Administrators differ from regular players with a green colored name and nickname in the form =GM=Nick.
  5. GM is not obliged to replace the loss of things, level or anything else due to:
    • an error of player
    • an error or crash of the client
    • use of any improved interface functions (e.g: automated enchant)
    • internet connection.
  6. If an error occurs in a quest or other game event, although other players succeeded without problem, GM is not obliged to interfere. 
  7. Changing the Clan Leader is available ingame via the clan functions. A change of a banned CL (in the game) is possible only with his/her consent and after the agreement with an Admin.
  8. If you decide to give your character a vulgar nickname, you do so at you own risk of being banned. Reporting them is not necessary we will deal with them when and if we see fit.
  9. During trading, each player is obliged to check the product itself, the quantity and the price of this product and if everything corresponds to what he really wants to buy or sell. Attempted scams may end with ban of involved character.
  10. All data stored on the server are the property of the server owner. If a player loses anything, he/she has no claim for a refund or any other compensation.
  11. The service is free and the owner takes no responsibility for any damage caused by its using or its eventual unavailability or malfunction.
  12. The owner makes no warranties regarding the service operation. The service may be partially suspended or even withdrawn at any time without prior notice.
  13. Ignorance of the rules does not excuse.

Laws (What is forbidden)

  1. It is forbidden to act, support or approve any action against the laws of the Czech Republic or Slovak Republic or this Set of Rules.
  2. A player should not disclose his/her login information to other players. Read the article Account Safety to evade potential loss or robbery. 
  3. A player must not use any possible bugs or exploits and if he finds any, he is obliged to report them to the administration.
  4. It is forbidden to use any external scripts, programs, or anything else (except what is explicitly allowed) that can automate gameplay by any means. In case of violation, the player will get a HWID ban and all involved game accounts will be blocked.
  5. Detected attempts to spoof ones HWID will result in blocking of all involved game accounts.
  6. It is forbidden to reduce the natural authority of GM, their ridiculing and other forms of expression against GM in the game, or outside of game (forum, discord, etc.) or against them directly.
  7. It is forbidden to imitate or pretend to be a GM or pretend to act in their name or on their authority (GM must be shown in the list of GMs online - command /gmlist). Their names are green and in front of their nick is written =GM= (example =GM=Nick).
  8. It is forbidden to thwart the work of a GM, including the disguising of important facts or submission of false information.
  9. It is forbidden to give false information about public statements and to disparage the good name of the server, gaming portal
  10. It is forbidden to spam or flood the chat.
  11. It is forbidden to sell, buy or change game items, characters, or game accounts for real money. Any attempt to move a discussion about price of an item, character, account outside of the game will be viewed as attempted real money trade. If in such a case we confirm that items changed owner, these items will be deleted.
  12. It is forbidden to sell, buy or change game items, characters, or game accounts for in-game items, characters, or Game Accounts on other servers.
  13. It is forbidden to popularize other servers in any form.
  14. It is forbidden to buy a Clan Hall (CH) for your pet-buffers or pet-clan. Only Admin has the right to decide about expropriation of CH. He informs Clan Leaders of these clans about the prepared expropriation of CH. Everybody has the right to appeal against this decision or sell the CH and get back his money. If not, pet Clan Halls and Clan Halls of inactive clans will be expropriated and put up for auction again without the possibility of financial compensation.

System patch modification

  • It was decided that we will not block modifications of game client with these exceptions, but be warned. All modifications a user makes, he makes at his own risk. If a breach of rules is detected in connection with client modifications, appropriate measures will be taken.

Glossary of Terms

  1. The Client means an original Lineage2 game client from NCsoft Corporation.
  2. The System (in connection with the client) means the system folder which is located in the directory of the game.
  3. Server means a gaming server, a webserver or any other computers which are the property of
  4. A Bug is a defect in the game.
  5. Exploiting means circumventing of common programmed rules of game or other regularities of the game or unauthorized access to any server functions.
  6. An Event denotes a gaming occasion, usually in the form of quests, competition, or another form of free entertainment.
  7. Spamming means the excessive posting of big amount of various messages into chat.
  8. Flooding means the excessive posting of identical messages into chat.
  9. Prison means "GM Consulting Service" or some other place preventing the free movement of the player and his interactions with other players.

The purpose of this Set of Rules and also the basic reason of their existence is to protect the honest and fair-playing players from the unfair or dishonest players who do not understand the meaning of fair-play. Therefore we ask all of you to help us fight against this type of gamers. Please, do not consider these rules as a tool for control but as a tool intended to protect honest gamers against players with bad intentions. All of us want a high quality server.