Infinite Elmore 2022 - discord forum and preliminary rates

Infinite Elmore 2022 (HF)

Dear players,

We are ready to reveal the first bits of information about the setup of the new High Five server. As usual, the first information we will reveal are the rates. This setup is still preliminary and may be subject to change.

New Discord forum

We would like to use this occasion to introduce a new section on our Discord called “Forum”. The section utilizes new functionality of Forum channels and is designed to replace our old forum. With this announcement we are activating access to all users that passed the captcha verification. Players will be able to create topics and react to and discuss specific posts as it was on our old forum. This change will also enable us to have everything in one place and we hope it will be more convenient for everybody this way. 

The information about the rates can be found in a new thread of the forum section located on discord on this link: