Freya Valentine Event 2024

Infinite Elmore 2023 (HF)

Dear players,

Valentine's Day is approaching, so we have prepared a Valentine's Day event for you.

Freya Valentine Event

As you know Felicia was transformed by her enemies into Ice Queen Freya. We will try to melt her icy heart and free her soul from its icy grip. There is only one way to free the queen. Gifts will drop from mobs all over the world which you can give to Ice Queen Freya (found in every town). We need to awaken in her memories of her past, to remind her of the existence of happiness and love.

Your effort to free the queen will not go unrewarded, when gifting (you use the event item directly on the NPC) Ice Queen Freya there is a chance that you will also be rewarded.

The start of the event will be after regular restart on Monday, 12th of February 2024 at 7:00 UTC+1. The event ends on Monday, 26th of February 2024 at 7:00 UTC+1. Event NPCs will be available until the restart on 4th of March 2024.


Neolithic Crystal - S84 Neolithic Crystal - S84
Neolithic Crystal - S80 Neolithic Crystal - S80
Neolithic Crystal - S Neolithic Crystal - S
Fire Crystal Fire Crystal
Water Crystal Water Crystal
Earth Crystal Earth Crystal
Wind Crystal Wind Crystal
Dark Crystal Dark Crystal
Holy Crystal Holy Crystal
Giant's Codex - Mastery Giant's Codex - Mastery
Giant's Codex Giant's Codex
Warrior Coin Warrior Coin
Scroll: Enchant Armor (S-Grade) Scroll: Enchant Armor (S-Grade)
Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S-Grade) Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S-Grade) team