Infinite Elmore - preliminary rates

Infinite Elmore 2021 (HF)

Dear players,

from 7th of June until 28th of June 2021, a poll on the future rate of the new server - Infinite Elmore took place on our Discord.

The voting has ended and we present to you the results and preliminary settings of the server.

Detailed information on server settings will be continuously published on our Forum in the newly created section for Infinite Elmore 2021.

4x rate won in the poll and will be set as the server’s main rate. The 8x variant had only slightly fewer votes, so we decided on the following preliminary settings:

  • XP / SP rate will be 5x
  • Quest XP / SP / Adena rate will be set to 4x - we usually set it to half the main rate (which would mean 2x)
  • XP/SP rate of Seven Signs quests will be set to 2x (we usually set it to 1x).

With these changes, we are trying to accommodate the group of people who voted for a higher rate.

Beta test

  • will start sometime between 13th and 16th of August 2021
  • the exact date will be published in the week after the closure of Grand Elmore and will depend on the progress of the preparatory work on the server

We wish you all a beautiful summer!

Your team.