Installation manual

Everything you need for playing on our server you can find in section download.

The Very First Client Installation and System Patch

  1. DO NOT install the game to system folders like C:\Windows or C:\Program Files.
  2. We recommend that you set up an Exception in your antivirus/firewall program for the whole game folder in our case C:\Infinite Elmore. Some AV/FW might detect some sort of virus in our system patch. That is just anti-bot protection. 
  3. Un-zip the Infinite file in C:\ (password: infiniteelmore).
  4. For activation/deactivation of all system modifications such as drop/spoil/lvl/agro hack go to "Client Modification". The drop/spoil/level/aggro hack is turned on by default.
  5. If you are already registered on our web and your game account has been already created, you can log into the game. Just run the game as administrator from C:\Infinite Elmore\system\L2.exe.

Update System Patch Only

  1. This paragraph only applies to you if you are already playing on the server and the system patch has been updated.
  2. Do not delete anything, all you have to do is to copy the patch content in to the game directory C:\Infinite Elmore.
  3. Then run the game as usual (as administrator) C:\Infinite Elmore\system\L2.exe.

Client Modification

  1. Minor client modifications are allowed except for the list of blocked files.
  2. Drop/spoil/lvl/agro hack is very easy. Your folder C:\games\lineage2\system contains 3 directories
    • Drop/spoil/lvl/agro hack is enabled by default in live server system patch and client.
    • withdrop - this folder content copied into C:\Infinite Elmore\system will activate Drop/Spoil/Level/Agro Hack.
    • wodrop - this folder content copied into C:\Infinite Elmore\system will deactivate Drop/Spoil/Level/Agro Hack.
    • modify - various client modifications. It works the same way as above. The purpose of these modifications is explained here.

If you have trouble installing or running the game, please contact our support team.