Account Safety

Dear players,

I know that this article is not your favorite but I think it is necessary to remind you some ways how to protect your game characters, game accounts and also your health. Please be careful when giving your logging details to someone else. Most of all incidents are caused by people you know well - your friends from game, guild, previous' server clanmates, sometimes even your friends which you know well in your real life (face2face).

If you voluntarily give access to your account to someone else, then occurs a certain paradox here. No-one can say that your gaming account was really robbed. So there is no obligation from the GM team either to return the lost things to the player, nor to punish the player who took them. So if you give access to your account to someone else it is at your own risk and responsibility.

How to prevent thefts on your gaming accounts?

I strongly recommend to:

  • be careful and suspicious
  • not to use the same passwords on different Lineage 2 servers (especially if you share your login details with someone else)
  • keep your passwords in your mind (do not write them on the note beside your laptop)
  • not to use the same password for your registration email and your gaming account!
  • change your password after several months

Other ways how to improve your account security?

  • USE Character Lock
  • Keep your PC secure (firewall, antivirus, antispyware)..
  • Make sure not to have any keyloggers installed on your PC.
  • If you should login in other place than your usual place which doesn't comply with the above mentioned 2 points you risk a security breach.
  • If you make sure your accounts are secure and afterwards go to play at a friend's PC or at a public PC which may just have a keylogger installed then all your efforts are wasted.
  • We would also strongly recommend using different types of passwords on different servers, because you never know, who of your (former) friends might try your old account information.
  • We also strongly recommend that you never send your account information via any IM system such as messenger, WhatsApp, email or SMS. There may be more eyes looking than you think.
  • Do not send your login details information via PM ingame. You may just send it by mistake into shout or even Hero Voice (seen already).
  • As mentioned before - never ever share your account information.

Strong password

We offer one of the most simple way how to find a good memorable strong password:

  1. Choose a word - choose a word which you can remember well - it should have at least 8 characters - eg. "greenbeen"
  2. Add capital letters - choose several letters as a capital letters - eg. "GreenBeen"
  3. Add numbers - use the similarity of some letters and numbers (0=o, 1=i, 3=E, 4=A, 5=S, 6=G, 8=B) - eg. "Gr33nB33n"

This password is a quite good password for your free time activities. 

Pretending to be a GM

Thanks to the changes of nicknames of our Gamemasters (GM) it isn't possible anymore for a normal player to impersonate a GM and by that getting your stuff and password. You can easily recognize a member of the Lineage 2 GM team by having a =GM= infront of his nick for example =GM=Sroubek (even administrators have the =GM= in front of the nick).

Deceptive Emails

From time to time some deceptive emails may show up which might just make you think they were sent by someone from our portal and might want you to send information such as your login and password for your gaming accounts or your web profil. Under no circumstances give this information to anybody even if they should threaten you to get banned. The GM team doesn't need your login information to manipulate with your gaming characters and for sure we don't need to know your passwords. No GM would ever ask anyone else to get that information for him.

Rightful Account owner

As rightful owner we consider the owner of the email address with which the account has been registered (furthermore only registration email).

If you are the rightful owner of the registration email and the character, but you lend the character, please make sure that no one knows your password for the registration email or that the password for your account is not the same as for the email.

If you are not the rightful owner and you got the character from a friend then make sure you change the registration email. Otherwise you can lose that account at any time with no right for any kind of compensation.

If anyone knows your password for your Game Account he might as well try that password at other logins such as your e-mail or your Web account. That's why you should never ever use the same password for your Game Account and your email. A highly secure password is in your best interest.